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Since 2007, Shine HR has proudly partnered with accelerators, incubators and VC investors to deliver engaging, startup-specific HR expertise to people-focused founders. Our unique approach to HR eliminates time-consuming and costly guesswork and sets founders up to scale their business and their team with confidence and ease.

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“As our HR Expert in Residence at Innovacorp, Julie provided top notch advice and guidance to our clients, helping them set up critical HR foundations and navigate a plethora of complex startup and management issues. Most importantly, Julie brings an empathetic human element in addition to her technical skills in HR – she is a delight to spend time with!”

Megan Maltby
Manager, Accelerator Programs & Investor Relations, Invest Ottawa

What sets Shine HR apart?

We specialize exclusively in HR for Startups

Trusted by over 60 startups... and counting!

We co-create solutions WITH founders

Solid reputation as a high-integrity partner

Our solutions respect founder vision