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For years, our valued clients have trusted us to neutrally gather meaningful 360° insights, connect entire teams and provide leaders with actionable clarity. No shortcuts. No one-dimensional “data”.  Our take on feedback and employee engagement is based on honest-to-goodness active listening, follow-up and follow-through. It works. Every time.

This is the authentic experience your entire team is craving, especially now…

Ready For "New Normal"?

How would it feel to know you’ve empowered your team with the specific skills they need to thrive in this new work landscape? What if these same new skills also boosted employee confidence and productivity while simultaneously reducing fear and workplace drama?

 Unlock your team’s potential by focusing on

3 Vital Questions 

HR + Leadership Coaching

Whether you’re a seasoned leader in a well-established business, a start-up founder looking to grow with purpose, or an emerging HR superstar just learning to navigate workplace culture – we can help you grow and lead with confidence!  No judgment here.  We simply start where you are and grow from there.

Culture + Engagement

Feedback is a gift. As a neutral and confidential resource, we take culture-building and employee engagement surveys to a new level. Through our one-of-a-kind approach, we can access and share meaningful, actionable insights you can rely on to boost employee engagement, establish trust and accelerate team + leadership effectiveness.

Culture Projects

Is it time to audit and update your workplace practices?  Create new tools? Looking to remain (or become!) an employer of choice?  It’s more straight-forward than you think!  We start with what you have in place. We don’t take over.  We co-create and offer guidance with your success in mind. We help you shine!  It’s simple… really!


Training + Skill Building

For over 25 years,  we’ve been helping clients build a solid foundation for their people and culture.  Looking to offer Respectful Workplace Training?  Seeking Resilience Training to help employees adapt to the New Normal? Ready to end frustrating workplace drama with our Certified 3VQ *TED Communication Training?  No time like the present to empower your team!

HR Muse

Are you a respectful leader feeling out the best way to deliver tough news? Or maybe you’re a lone HR Pro working through the stages of a big workplace project and could use some help?  Wish you had a partner to bounce ideas around with? Reach out! Whether you need us once a week or once a month, you can count on our confidential, high-impact, and zero-judgment approach.

Executive Feedback

When was the last time you received balanced, actionable feedback? What would it change to learn precisely where you excel and how you can continue to grow as a leader? We’ve seen first-hand how rich, meaningful feedback gives our Executive clients the freedom to lead with confidence. Our trusted approach is a proven game-changer. We’d love to help you grow.

A Different Kind of HR Experience

We respect your leadership. You know your business. We know HR. Our game-changing solutions are authentic, sustainable, and best of all, co-created with YOU! Each project is as unique as the clients we have the privilege of working with.

We understand people. We mean business. With decades of applied HR and executive-level business experience, we see the whole picture.  When your employees are engaged and involved in your company’s success – everyone benefits!

We communicate honestly. Always. We engage confidently and openly. We highlight the good stuff and can be trusted to find a respectful way to communicate the harder-to-hear truths. We will never rob a client of an opportunity to grow.

We deliver in a meaningful way. We listen. We establish a clear understanding of what success looks like for you.  We check in.  We provide options but never compromise on quality. We adapt.  We deliver — and it feels like a shared success — every time!

We make HR fun!  For real! Our passion for HR is contagious. Within minutes of engaging with us, clients know they’re in for something special – a different kind of HR. You don’t have to take our word for it, see what our clients say…

Collaborating With Us Feels Like This...

“Shine HR helped us set up an HR framework and some tools when we were starting from scratch. Julie gets it – she understood our business, our culture and what we were trying to achieve.  She applies her decades of experience, and quickly forms a tailored solution for your HR needs.  She’s fantastic to work with!”

Jennifer Wagner

President, CarbonCure Technologies

“Shine HR’s guidance and mentorship continues to be a valuable resource for our organization. Julie’s open, honest and constructive approach underpins her unique ability to quickly earn and maintain the trust of all team members. She truly cares about her clients and is highly committed to seeing them succeed; by extension, she is more of a trusted partner than a contracted consultant. I have learned a lot from Julie; continuing to learn with and from her will help us maintain a healthy and rewarding culture.”

Steve Armstrong

CEO, Genome Atlantic

We learned SO much from our work with Julie/Shine HR. As the CEO of small company, I had some apprehensions about engaging in formal HR practices. But our work with Julie was fun (yes, really!), informative, and totally raised the bar of our organization and has impacted how we approach all aspects of team & culture.

Julie is an absolute dream to work with. I 100% recommend working with Shine HR to anyone who is looking to enhance their company culture and embark on a new, kinder way to approach HR in their organization.”

Sheena Russell

Founder + CEO, Made with Local

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Shine HR during my time at Innovacorp. As our HR Expert in Residence, Julie was amazing to work with from a coordination standpoint, and provided top notch advice and guidance to our clients, helping them set up critical HR foundations and navigate a plethora of complex start-up/management issues that cropped up along the way. Most importantly, Julie brings an empathetic human element in addition to her technical skills in HR – she is a delight to spend time with!”

Megan Maltby

Senior Investment Analyst, Invest Ottawa

What stands out when I think of our experience with Julie, is her commitment to see us succeed. She didn’t hurry us along. Julie never pressured us, she gave us all the tools we needed to make an informed choice. She leads with empathy, and with heart and brings a unique set of skills to the table. She takes the time to explain everything, walks the path that you’re on, and helps you to navigate the sometimes very grey areas of HR, with a solid understanding of the human condition.

Julie knows what success looks like in business, and understands that the right people and culture are no longer a “nice to have” in today’s landscape, but “necessary to have.”

Kristine Elliott-Grace

Partner + Director of Sales, Made with Local

“Julie is the most compassionate and genuinely caring HR professional I have worked with. She extends herself to collaborate and find the best solution for all involved with the “individual” at heart. Julie will help set the tone for a culture rich in “humanness” which will help differentiate your business long term.”

Alexandra Orozco

Strategist | International Business Consultant | Entrepreneur Mentor

“Julie combines bold creativity with genuine caring. By focusing on people, performance and strategy, she has earned a reputation as a trusted senior professional who supports both growth and culture. Julie would be an asset to any people strategy.”

Geoff Wills

Vice-President Marketing, Nature's Way Canada

“I’ve often told people that the experience I had with Julie, years ago, completely redefined what “HR” was for me. From our first conversation, to our one on ones, Julie not only helped me understand the value I brought to the team but also how I was uniquely positioned to contribute.  Julie is truly a multiplier. Think of her as an incredibly talented mechanic trained to finely tune your team’s engine. You need every ounce of power you can get and she knows where to find it.

I learned that HR is an incredibly important strategic growth lever that many C-Suites either misunderstand or simply fail to recognize and leverage. I now use this appreciation to understand how the teams I’m a part of can maximize their potential.”

Matt Cooper

DIrector of Product, QRA Corp

“HR is a critical part of any business and as a growing start-up we were no different. Julie’s flexibility to work with us as needed helped us manage resources effectively while laying a strong cultural foundation for the members of our team.  Although Julie was hired as a consultant, she made an effort to understand our company so that she was one of the team. She has been as responsive as any full time staff and addresses issues when they come up without delay. This type of engagement is rare to find.”

Julia Rivard-Dexter | OLY | Top 50 Canadian Women in STEM

CEO, Squiggle Park

“Julie is a level-headed, very knowledgeable HR consultant. She has such a wide range of experience with various types of businesses – she “knows what she’s talking about”.

Her approach is always positive and she has a wonderful presence that creates a comfortable environment, even if you’re addressing a difficult subject.  When we were reviewing our HR policies and processes, Julie’s guidance was exactly what we needed.

Some of our managers will still say, from time to time when we are thinking something over, “Maybe we should ask Julie”……..that says it all. She is easy to respect as the professional she is and as an HR Consultant.”

Anne Marie Byrne

Manager, HR & Administration, Compass Commercial Realty

“Julie is an effective listener who takes into consideration all the facts, issues and opportunities. She has a tremendous ability to ask all the right questions to determine the options available and provide you with suggestions on next steps.

Entrepreneurs know that their success relies on the strength of their people.  Those who engage Shine HR will feel confident knowing that Julie will have the right organizational structure and people in roles to execute and effectively deliver on business goals. This typically involves managing change and handling conflict, which Julie handles with straight-forward, calm professional guidance.”

Jennifer Fraser

Senior Account Manager, BDC

“Julie is a consummate professional who functions well both at a strategic level and throughout the execution of those strategies. One of Julie’s strengths is teasing out an organization’s culture through open discussions with both the leadership and the team. Identifying and developing company culture is challenging and this is right in Julie’s wheelhouse. She always considers culture when building and sustaining a cohesive team and is skilled at offering alternatives while not minimizing an individual’s view. I learned a lot from Julie’s gentle but firm approach.”

Janet Shay

COO, Ascenta Health

“Julie is prompt, thorough and professional! She always takes the time to look at a situation from a variety of different angles in order to give fair and practical advice.”

Dr. Kim McCarthy

Doctor of Audiology, The Hearing Specialists

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