“What we do” is as unique as the valued Clients we partner with.  We customize our solutions. It’s the only way to connect authentically to what makes your workplace SHINE.

HR + Leadership Coaching

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in a well-established business, an emerging Start-Up leader looking to grow with purpose, or an up-and-coming HR Superstar just learning to navigate workplace culture – we sure can help you grow and lead with confidence!  No judgment here.  We simply start where you are and grow from there.

Culture + Employee Engagement

Feedback is a gift. As a neutral and confidential resource, we take culture building and employee engagement surveys to whole new level. Through our one-of-a-kind approach, we can access and share meaningful, actionable insights you can rely on to boost employee engagement, establish trust and accelerate team + leadership effectiveness.

Executive Feedback

Imagine that you know exactly where you excel and where you need to grow as a leader. Imagine that receiving valuable feedback feels enjoyable and meaningful. This vision is reality for our Executive clients. It’s a big responsibility and we take it seriously. Ready to grow as a leader and deepen the connection with your team?


Workplace Training + Skill Building

For over 25 years,  we’ve been helping clients build a solid foundation for their people and culture.  Looking to offer Respectful Workplace Training?  Seeking Resilience Training to help employees adapt to the New Normal? Ready to end frustrating workplace drama with our Certified 3VQ *TED Communication Training?  No time like the the present to empower your team!

Workplace Muse

Are you a respectful leader feeling out the best way to deliver tough news? Or maybe you’re a lone HR Pro working through the stages of a big workplace project?  Wish you had a trusted partner to bounce ideas around with? Reach out! Whether you need us once a week or once a month, trust our high-impact, confidential and zero-judgment approach.

HR Projects

Is it time to audit and update your workplace practices?  Create new tools? Looking to remain (or become!) an employer of choice?  It’s more straight-forward than you think!  We start with what you have in place. We don’t take over.  We co-create and offer guidance with your success in mind. We help you shine!  It’s simple… really!

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